Tax Preparation Services

Estate administration comes with a variety of demanding financial responsibilities including taxes. At Urbach & Avraham, CPAs, our accountants are highly educated and experienced in estate tax compliance. We will advise you and work hard to make sure you're fulfilling your role as an administrator, executor, or trustee. We also assist New Jersey and Pennsylvania taxpayers with inheritance tax issues.

From estate tax returns to complex inheritance tax calculations, our services are reliable, legal, and effective. Call our Edison, NJ CPA firm now at 732-777-1158 to find out how we can make federal and state tax compliance easy. We offer a free consultation to new clients so contact us today.

Inheritance Tax Returns

When we prepare inheritance tax returns for clients in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We’ll keep you in compliance with all current regulations while minimizing the taxes owed.

Estate and Gift Tax Returns

We work hard to help clients reduce taxes in compliance with current state and IRS regulations. We prepare estate, trust, gift, and fiduciary tax returns for individuals and attorneys.