Inheritance Tax Return Preparation

inheritance tax return preparation

Not all states have death taxes but New Jersey does. If you live in New Jersey (or Pennsylvania) and inherit money or assets, the state may require that you pay taxes. The amount of tax and whether or not you’re required to pay depends on several factors. If you’re a close relative like a sibling or spouse and the amount of the inheritance falls under a certain threshold you may be exempt. But in many other situations beneficiaries must pay state taxes. To accurately assess whether or not taxes are incurred and if so how much, turn to Urbach & Avraham, CPAs. We prepare inheritance tax returns for taxpayers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

If you’re a family member executor or trustee, we will carefully prepare the inheritance tax return for the estate or trust and file it promptly to avoid penalties. For attorneys, it makes financial sense to enlist the expertise of an estate accountant when it comes to inheritance taxes. Our firm offers many years of experience in estate tax compliance so you can be confident that your clients’ estate tax returns will be calculated accurately and filed on time, every time.

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Inheritance tax services:

  • NJ and PA inheritance tax returns
  • Inheritance tax services for attorneys
  • Inheritance tax preparation for individuals