Fiduciary Accounting Services

Urbach & Avraham, CPAs provides fiduciary accountings for trusts, estates, and guardianships. Whether you're an individual who has been named the fiduciary or an attorney working with a client to manage an estate or trust, you can count on us to prepare accountings that are accurate and compliant with current court requirements.

Discover how working with a CPA firm that specializes in estates and trusts will make meeting fiduciary responsibilities easier. Call us today at 732-777-1158 or request a free consultation online now.

Fiduciary Accounting for Executors & Trustees

With our sound guidance you’ll have the confidence to prudently manage funds and the resources to keep beneficiaries properly informed.

Fiduciary Accounting for Attorneys

We’ll operate behind the scenes to meet the challenge of tracking complex financial transactions and minimizing taxes for your clients.