Trustees, Executors, and Guardians

For the average person, the financial responsibilities that come with being named a trustee, executor, or guardian are daunting. At Urbach & Avraham, CPAs, we provide the support and direction you need to fulfill your fiduciary obligations. From estate and trust administration and guardianships to elder care accounting services, our Edison, NJ CPA firm offers the specialized accounting solutions and tax strategies to make your job easier. We can also assist you with the overwhelming task of filing the New Jersey inheritance tax return and will patiently guide you through the whole process.

Find out how we can address your concerns, minimize trust and estate taxes, and show you how to efficiently manage assets for your loved one. Call us at 732-777-1158 or request a consultation online now.

Special Needs Trusts

We offer services to the families and trustees of Special Needs Trusts including reconstructing financial records, preparing fiduciary income tax returns, and calculating trustee fees.

Estate and Trust Administration

You can count on us to guide you through all your questions and concerns related to estate and trust administration including how to handle assets and how to transfer wealth.


We help minimize taxes and assist Financial Guardians with a myriad of  other accounting and tax issues including how to a budget for the ward’s personal and health needs.

Elder Care Accounting

We offer tax planning, court accountings, and a full range of elder care accounting services to assist in caring for the needs of aging parents and relatives.